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E108 - The Cairns Broch: Excavating the biography of an Orcadian Iron Age household [CA]
14 October 2019
Starts: 19:00
Ends: 20:00

Talk by Martin Carruthers, University of the Highlands and Islands as part of Caithness Broch Project Brochtoberfest.

On-going archaeological excavations at The Cairns, Windwick, South Ronaldsay in Orkney, are unearthing unprecedented evidence for the everyday lives of the inhabitants of a well-preserved Iron Age broch. This clarity allows us to begin to consider a biographical approach to the broch, the life span of the building, and its household(s) from its original inception to its abandonment. In this presentation I would like to use this detail to discuss the role and significance of the broch at The Cairns as a lived space sitting at the heart of a village community and its central importance within the wider Windwick landscape. What can we learn about the roles of brochs in Iron Age society more generally from excavations like The Cairns?

Venue: Lyth Arts Centre, Caithness. Wheelchair accessible. Free, but donations welcome. Booking recommended. Call Lyth Arts Centre on 01955 641434

Caithness Broch Project

Lyth Arts Centre.  Phone 10955 641434


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